Next Actor Studio's international film festival Niff Houston is now open for our 2019 edition.

The festival takes place from October 16 - 19 in Houston, with filmmakers attending from different parts of the world to engage with our audience, consisting mainly of our students.

Check out one of our favorite short films from the festival, The Circle, starring Ryan Phillippe (The Lincoln Lawyer)  and Noah Schnapp (Stranger Things), made by director Sheldon Schwartz, that won three awards at Niff 2017, including best short, Best Director, and Chilean Director of Photography Claudio Miranda (Life of Pi, Tomorrowland) winning the Best Cinematographer Award.

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In the Beginners' on-camera acting session, students learn to work with the camera and start getting introduced to the original Stanislavski Method of Physical Action through exercises that enhance their acting skills, and ability to build characters and make choices.

Our classes for serious students only, and we do not allow audit, as we share a lot of personal information while working with emotional memory and sense memory exercises.

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Oscar and Golden Globe nominee ERIC ROBERTS in the Next Actor Studio's SAG-AFTRA film 6 ROUNDS OF CHLOE

Next Actor Alum and Actress ROSYLAND JEFFRIES booked and wrapped the H-E-B commercial last week.
We have always been privy to Rosyland's dedication to the craft and hard work - and now, even casting directors, directors and producers are starting to notice it.
Stay tuned to find out when the commercial will air.

Next Actor alum Fez Rehman directs his student short To Swipe and Protect in which he stars in, with classmates and other alum from the studio, Kristian Peterson, Levon Allen, Jeremy Gretzer, Ishrat and Nishad.  
The team is filming the short, taking turrn to crew and worked as a team, enjoying the process and learning as they go.
This is what is inspiring about actors who love the process. They do it. They create and keep on creating. Stay tuned for updates.


A quick screengrab of our Stanislavski and voice acting alum FABIOLA ANDUJAR who has been traveling every week from Houston to Austin to shoot the web series Skam.austin, driving back at night and attending acting classes in the morning. That's the determination of a doer.
By profession, Fabiola is a neuroscientist at Baylor, by passion an actress.
Fabiola recently got accepted into the summer acting program at Yale University and will be spending a lot of time learning and honing her craft from some more of the best in the industry.

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Catch our Actress, and associate producer of '6 ROUNDS OF CHLOE' - KAMALA LOPEZ speaks at the United Nations abouther documentary Equal Means Equal, and ratifying ERA and continues her tireless fight to change constitution in favor of women's rights.
Kamala's credentials include Star Trek Voyager, I <3 Huckabee, Miami Vice among other films and TVshows.


"No form of art goes beyond ordinary consciousness as film does, straight to our emotions, deep into the twilight room of the soul." - Ingmar Bergman

Next Actor Alum, Producer, Screenwriter and Actor KENNETH CHRISTIE in his private on-camera acting session.  Ken, an entrepreneur and a fracker, is the screenwriter, producer and lead actor of the feature film LUNAR NOIR MANIFESTO, that will shoot in Louisiana this year.  Casting for the film is ongoing.

While in Houston to shoot their parts in our films at Next Actor Studio, actors ERIC ROBERTS (The Dark Knight),  JANA LEE HAMBLIN (Jane the Virgin, Ballers), RICK FOX (He Got Game) answer questions about their acting method and share tips to balance working in Hollywood blockbusters and independent films.

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Our students who speak more than one language often perform their scenes in English and other languages, making the studio a global artistic community.  Our students who speak more than one language often perform their scenes in English and other languages, such as Arabic, Bulgarian, Castellano, French, Gujarati, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin, Portuguese, Russian, Serbian, Spanish, Swahili, Ukranian, Urdu, making the studio a global artistic community. 


Actress Caroline Tudor speaks to Deborah Duncan in "Great Day Houston" about our film Sex Marriage Infidelity, written and directed by Next Actor alum Richard Finger.