I’ve managed to keep a clear head and remain sane in this business because I remain a kid off-camera.” - Leonardo DiCaprio acting class in Houston kids acting in Houston casting calls

Next Kids Acting Session :
Saturday, Jan 12 - Feb 9, 2019
@ 3:30 - 5 PM
Fee : $250
Deadline to register : Jan 4

Now SAG-eligible actors with released movies, KATIA and ALEXANDRA in kids' acting class, when they had first started.

Alexandra at 12 years of age, playing the title role of Chloe in the SAG feature 6 ROUNDS OF CHLOE, starring Oscar and Golden Globe nominee ERIC ROBERTS . She is currently in the intensive adult Stanislavski workshop.

10 year old GRANT GOODMAN sings along with Oscar winner SEAN PENN in This Must be the Place.

Next Actor kids on the set of our TV pilot Orphan Train


Kids Classes are held each week in front of the camera, and children get to perform commercials, scenes, monologues and participate in improvisational games and exercises as part of the workshop.

The program is customized for kids who are interested in film and tv acting, as well as acting in general.

Teachers use the children's creativity and imagination skills.to make them get comfortable with the camera, teach them memorization of scripts, and build their concentration and listening ability to perform before an audience.

The kids watch their taped performances to understand the difference of theatre, film and commercial acting.

The class also focuses on the habits that children often grow and make them aware of the dos and donts in acting, especially when they are on-camera.

It is always a plus when children learn the right technique early on and make it a habit to nurture them as they grow into adult actors.

All performances are recorded for parents so they can view their progress.  

Matured kids with experience can try the pre-teen classes at age 9.

Alum BLAZE TUCKER takes a picture with Martin Sheen's brother JOE ESTEVEZ in Houston on the set of our film Inside Out.