Sunday July 24 - Aug 14 @ 2 - 4 PM
Duration : 4 weeks | Fee : $250

"Acting is really scary, but it's also challenging, fun, hard work. There's always an element of improvisation with every actor, even when something is really scripted."- Michael Pitt

Improvisation and Scene Study Class

Actors and Next Actor Alum Eve Breggren, Tom Combs and Fabrizia Faustinella (above) and Fred Bastian (below), in stills from the Next Actor Film MONEY, that was shot in a completely improvised manner in Houston, Paris and Cannes in 2007. Director San Banarje cast actors from our acting class based on their improvisation skills that he observed when he sat in on a class.

Is it comedy? Drama? Dark Comedy? Drama? Satire? Drama?

The class will help students understand how to break down a scene and make correct choices for character and genre, using the Stanislavski tool of improvisation and method of physical action.

Use nuances as in life to carve out a beautiful scene.

Open your chakras and emotional blocks with a 5-weeks long-form improvisation session, in which you find your trigger points through concentration of attention, release of energy and character building.

In this class, students will create scenes from scratch, with or without a backstory, and develop their own characters to improve their scene-work and performances on and off the camera. Students will also learn to break down scripts and work with the Stanislavski techniques to utilize improvisation as a method of physical action.

The class will also help students understand how to breakdown a scene to learn genre and make proper choices for characters that they are handed out.   

Improvisation is not necessarily comedic, and it can often lead to the most intense findings for characters, when the choices are right.

This class will make an actor ready for improvisation on set and during auditions.

Actors must be receptive and open to choices, in order to achieve the right response to a role and scene.

This class is open to all levels of  actors.

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