Next Session : Sunday, Sept 10 - 24 @ 12:45 - 1:45 PM
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It all starts with a good story that can be adapted to the screen.

Learn to write visually and create a script from scratch. Structure your acts, dialogues and transitions. Take home your bullet points and author your screenplay in a professional and creative manner.

Due to the current stay-at-home order, all our classes are being held via Zoom, which means students from any part of the globe can join us. Students are also able to take advantage of the time spent without any distraction, to complete their scripts during the 3 weeks of screenwriting class.

Curriculum includes comparing film scripts, learning to structure the script, tempo and rhythm, dialogue and transition, characters, plots and elements of a screenplay. Students learn to analyze movie scenes and distinguish writing techniques of different screenwriters.

Students can read out their scenes in class for inputs from teachers and other students. Upon completing the screenplay, students are also able to hold a table read of their entire script.

Several of our screenwriting students have collaborated with acting students to create a film out of their creative work and have received awards at film festivals, both in Houston and internationally.

Next  Session :  Sunday, Sept 10 - 24 @ 12:45 - 1:45 PM

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Screenwriting Student RICHARD FINGER, a columnist for Forbes,brought a concept to class and finished writing his screenplay Sex, Marriage, and Infidelity while in session.  He went on to direct and produce the film, starring KISS frontman Gene Simmons' actress and model wife Shannon Tweed and actress and singer daughter Sophie Simmons, along with Charlie O'Connell (Dude, Where's my Car). The film released a year later on Amazon Prime.


SUCCESS STORIES OF OUR SCREENWRITING STUDENTS scriptwriting class screenwriting classes Screenwriting Classes in Houston

"Like any kind of writing, there are good days and frustrating days. But even frustrating days can be rewarding sometimes." - Ethan Coen

  • Screenwriting Student SIBYL AVERY JACKSON sold her debut screenplay A Degree of Caution to Mandalay. The screenplay was adapted from Jackson's own book by the same name. 
  • Screenwriting Student RICHARD FINGER writes his debut script Sex Marriage and Infidelity and turns it into a feature film in less than 3 months.
  • Alum THADA CATALON started her career with a short she wrote in class, titled Academics Affairs, that opened in film festivals in New York. Now, Thada is a full time producer and screenwriter, with her last feature film Created Equal, starring Lou Diamond Phillips, released in 2017.
  • Screenwriting and directing alum DENKA WANGDI collaborated with acting alum of the studio to make her debut short Lucky Now that screened in 2018 January
  • Screening of the short film Who Am I?, written, directed, shot and edited single-handedly by screenwriting, directing and editing student HARINATH V.  who continues to write and make films.
  • Alum KEVIN WEST's debut screenplay Surfside Hotel won the best Dramatic Original screenplay REMI award at Houston Worldfest International Film Festival, became a finalist at the 2009 Cinema City International Film Festival, the 2009 Beverly Hills Film Festival and 2009 Bare Bones Film Festival.
    Kevin's second screenplay Mother's Milk was produced and directed by him and went on to win several more awards at various film festival.
  • Alum ESTHER LUM's receives Platinum Remi at the Worldfest Houston Film Festival.