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All works in class are recorded for students, so they can hear their voice and receive notes based on their performance.

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Duration : 4 weeks | Fee : $250 | Register  online

Voice is an important tool for actors as well as public speakers. The proper technique to use it is necessary for creation of a role and success in acting in film, commercial, animation, radio and theatre. 

This sessions helps with speech, diction, breathing technique, proper projection, inflection, enunciation, speech remedy, muscle use, and much more.

Each week, students will record monologues, dialogues, commercials and scripts to learn how to sound as different characters and understand how to work with levels, scale, boom and lavaliers. Students will also learn to make demos and about the industry in general.

At the end of the workshop, you will realize if voice over is for you. If done well, you may also use a few of your class recordings as a demo for agencies or casting directors. Your instructor will be able to tell you if the materials are good for submission.

You will learn about the opportunities of the industry, and work hands-on with our instructors, who will record your performance and play it back for you to hear it as an audience in order to critique you constructively.

If you are marketable, and overall presentable in class, you will be given more information on how to brand yourself.

If you are not ready, we will tell you that as well.

One of the best class in voice over is the ensemble scene workshop with voice. If you pass that, you can consider yourself ready for the industry.


Next Sessions start  :
Duration : 4 weeks | Fee : $250 | Register online


"American actors who voice animated movies are so brilliant at it, because by the nature of American speech, it's full of energy and full of commitment. And as a British actor, we have to kind of learn that.” - Helen Mirren