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Our students who speak more than one language often perform their scenes in English and other languages, making the studio a global artistic community. 

We are proud to have Halliburton CEO Jeffrey Miller as a Stanislavski alum of Next Actor Film School.

Next Actor Alum ASH THAPLIYAL (right) with Oscar winner Allison Janey in the movie Troop Zero, also starring Oscar winner Viola Davis. Watch it on Amazon Prime.

RECAST series resumes production in Houston.
Starring Boyhood actress LORELEI LINKLATER, model and actress POOJA BATRA, Curb Your Enthusiasm actor HARRY S. MURPHY, and Golden Globe winner ERIC ROBERTS along with actor SAN BANARJE who created the role of Paolo in the 2006 comedy Bleep Love, written and directed by Trisha Ray

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"No form of art goes beyond ordinary consciousness as film does, straight to our emotions, deep into the twilight room of the soul." - Ingmar Bergman

Actress Caroline Tudor speaks to Deborah Duncan in "Great Day Houston" about our film Sex Marriage Infidelity, written and directed by Next Actor alum Richard Finger.

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While in Houston to shoot their parts in our films at Next Actor Studio, actors ERIC ROBERTS (The Dark Knight),  JANA LEE HAMBLIN (Jane the Virgin, Ballers), RICK FOX (He Got Game) answer questions about their acting method and share tips to balance working in Hollywood blockbusters and independent films.

We are very happy to announce that Oscar and Golden Globe nominated actor ERIC ROBERTS will star in our upcoming series RECAST, that will be shot in Houston this year.

Earlier Eric came to Next Actor Studio, to shoot his scenes as Dr. Bing in the feature film 6 Rounds of Chloe. 

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An explosive performance by our students Andrea and Ayaz during Stanislavski class.

In posting : THE UBER EXPERIENCE, an episodic written and directed by alum Richard Finger. Next Actor Alum Kristian Peterson, David Frye, and Romario Solis, as well as Omar Scanu formed part of the cast and crew.


 We are so proud of our young actors Jakob Turpin, Alex Goel, and Scott Altsuler, who posed for a picture during the premiere of their film 6 ROUNDS OF CHLOE at the Alamo Drafthouse on August 4. Written and Directed by Trisha Ray, the film also stars multiple Oscar and Golden Globe nominee Eric Roberts, Kamala Lopez, and San Banarje in lead role.